2022 Strongman Corporation Southeast Regional Championship

Thank you for being part of our event!
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June 18th, 2022


Raleigh Convention Center – Exhibit Halls
500 South Salisbury Street
Raleigh, NC 27601


First place in ALL CLASSES gets an invite to the 2023 Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championship!

Top three in all classes gets an invite to the 2022 Strongman Corporation Amateur National Championship.

In any division with 9 or more competitors per class, 4th place gets a Nationals invite, and in any division with 12 or more competitors, 5th place gets a Nationals invite.


James Deffinbaugh and Spider Strength Gym
Contact us at SpiderStrengthGym@gmail.com

Entry Fee

$95. Entry fee is refundable – just let us know (by emailing spiderstrengthgym@gmail.com) if you can’t make it by May 1st and we’ll refund the entry fee.

Strongman Corp membership also required. $77 annually. Sign up or renew here.

First 3 competitors in each division (or any entries before 9 AM EST on 2/23/2022) are $30 off. 

Registration Deadline

Deadline to enter and be guaranteed a shirt is May 15th. Absolute deadline is June 16th at 8am.
Entry fee refundable if you drop out by May 1st.

Divisions Offered

Women’s Under 125
Women’s Under 140
Women’s Under 160
Women’s Under 180
Women’s Heavyweight
Men’s Under 175
Men’s Under 200
Men’s Under 231
Men’s Under 265
Men’s Heavyweight

Athlete Caps

No athlete caps! The more competitors we get, the more lanes we’ll have. But please sign up early. The order of the first event is based on signup order, and the entry fee is refundable so why the heck not?


All events are subject to change. 

Viking Press

Competitors will press the Viking Press implement for as many reps as possible in 60 seconds. The handles will have a “heavy” setting and a “light” setting. One rep at the heavier weights beats any number of reps at the lighter weight. The athlete can choose to start with the light or the heavy setting. If they start heavy and fail, you can pull the handles out and attempt the light handles as well. But this all must be done in your time limit.

Your score will be the number of reps at whichever weight you successfully press. That is, if you get one rep at the heavier weight, there is no advantage (no points gained) to doing reps at the lighter weight in addition. If you attempt the heavier weight and don’t get it, you may try the lighter weight as well. The clock doesn’t stop though – you still have 60 seconds to get the reps including the time attempting the heavier weight.

Competitor starts with their hands on the implement but the implement not off the ground. On go, the competitor picks up the implement and presses away for as many reps as possible. Competitor may try the heavier weight first, but if they fail it will cut into their time for the lighter weight.

Competitors will face towards the implement to press.

Jerks, push presses, thrusters, and strict press are all allowed. There are no rules against double knee bend. No penalty for setting the viking press down.

Handles will be neutral grip, 24 inches apart. The pick height will be set per weight class. Expect a lower pick to accommodate all athletes.

We’re using big tree trunks, provided by American Woodyards, a full service lumber yard in Raleigh, specializing in custom lumber and firewood.

Equipment allowed:
Chalk, Sleeves, Wraps, Belts, Gloves, Briefs

Equipment Not Allowed:
Elbow wraps, anything sticky.

Bag Toss for Max Height

How it works:
All athletes start at the height of 11 feet.

Athletes have 30 seconds to get the bag over the bar. We will then raise the height 1 foot, and then give each athlete in the same order 30 seconds to get the bag over the bar.

  • Height will increase at 1 foot increments.
  • Athletes can’t skip heights.
  • If you fail a height, you can’t attempt taller heights.
  • If the bag gets stuck on top of the apparatus, that counts as a successful throw.

If more than one athlete completes the tallest height (17’), we will add 2.5lbs to the bag every round at the tallest height until only one athlete is left.

  • Equipment Allowed: Chalk, sleeves, belts, gloves, all the normal stuff.
  • Equipment Not Allowed: Stilts and anything sticky.

What we’re using:

  • Rogue, Cerberus, or similar throwing bags.
  • Spider Strength Adjustable throwing apparatus with a 4’x8′ board to throw over.

Last Man Standing Wagon Wheel Deadlift

What we’re using:

  • Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar or Texas Deadlift Bar
  • One or two pairs of Rogue 26’er Wagon Wheels per bar and metal plates

Competitors do not have to take every lift – they may step in or out as desired – but once they’ve failed a 30 second attempt, they’re out. For each weight attempt, competitors have 30 seconds from the judge’s “go” command to strap in, lift, and get a “down” command. Knees and hips must be locked out, and no lift will count until a “down” command is given. 

  • Equipment Allowed: Chalk, baby powder, sleeves, belts, gloves, wrist wraps, straps, deadlift suits, briefs.
  • Equipment Not Allowed: Long figure 8 straps where your fingers don’t reach the bottom of the handle, anything sticky.

Farmer’s Walk Double Down and Back

Competitor will carry two pairs of farmer’s implements 40′ down and back, with a drop and turn allowed.

Competitor starts with their hands on the first farmer’s implement. On go, the competitor picks and carries it 40′ to a line.  The front of the farmer’s implement must cross the line. Then the competitor carries them back until the front crosses the starting line. The competitor then picks up the second implement and carries it to the 40′ line, and carries it back across the starting line. Competitors can drop the implement, turn around, and re-pick it, or can turn around with the implement in hand. You are not required to go around anything or do a turn with the implement.

The front of the implement must cross the line on each run.
Unlimited drops allowed.

Equipment will be Spider Strength Hammerhead (coming soon) top-loaded farmer’s implements with a 16″ pick height (measured to bottom of the handle) and 30mm (1 3/16″) diameter handles.

60 second time limit. Your score will be total distance completed or time to finish the course. No split times.

Equipment allowed:
Chalk, sleeves, belts, and briefs

Equipment not allowed:
Gloves, straps, and anything sticky.

Sandbag Over Shoulder Series

How it works:
We will have 6 bags set up of ascending weight.
The athlete must pick up each bag and toss it over their shoulder, in order from light to heavy.
75 second time limit. Split times on each bag. Your score will be the top bag completed, and the split time you got on that bag.

Equipment allowed:
Grip Shirts, chalk, sleeves, belts, gloves, straps, and briefs

Equipment not allowed:
Deadlift suits or anything sticky

What we’re using:
  • Spider Strength Sandbags, very similar to Rogue and Cerberus bags.
  • All bags under 150lbs will use the 150lb bag size (11.5″ tall), with a combination of rubber and sand.
  • All bags over 300lbs will use the 300lb bag size (22.5″ tall), with a combination of metal and sand.

Weight Matrix

Competitor List

Last Updated 6/14/2022

Women’s Under 125
Erin Anderson
Jessica Reece

Women’s Under 140
Kerry Bowman
Jamie Navarro
Kirsten Ostby
Ashlee Harold

Women’s Under 160
Kaitlin Hoesch
Jaime Douglas
Savannah Schepp
Claire Stauffer
Savannah Coffey
Jennifer Bates

Women’s Under 180
Julianne Durante
Amy Mulalley
Jessica Patterson
Aleila Worley
Kendra Danzer
Beth White

Women’s Heavyweight
Elizabeth Aldridge
Jess James
Jane Nwafor

Men’s Under 175
Byron Bennett
Jeffrey Tippette
Zachary Lujano
Anthony Sleptsov
Jake Reece
Nate Jones
Chad White

Men’s Under 200
Tony Wallace
Steven Owens
Braden Shanks
Jason Strahler
Mitchell Stanley
Keith Watson
Tyler Prata
Nick Santangelo
Jordan Ellis
Ben Forrest
Taylor Rodely

Men’s Under 231
Travis Coffey
Kevin Baker
Nick Stock
Zechary Lambert
Sean Mullican
Shane Perry
Todd Williams
Tylor Black
Gary Mizner
Philip Brinkman
Isaac Smith

Men’s Under 265
Ben Kissinger
Steven Spencer
Ryan Wilk
Corey Webb
William Taylor
Brian Rochelle
Mychal Smith
Casey Shoe

Men’s Heavyweight
Chance Beatty
Dustin Hardy
Caleb Lee Carey
Joseph Payne
Jake Henderson