Spider Strength Gym is the leading strength gym in the Raleigh area, catering to powerlifters, weightlifters, strongman competitors, and anyone with a passion for strength. Whether you’re a seasoned strength athlete or simply determined to maximize your strength potential, our gym is tailored to meet your needs. We provide a wide selection of free weights, strongman implements, literally tons of iron, top-of-the-line equipment for powerlifting and weightlifting competitions, and an unparalleled gym atmosphere. Our focus is on cultivating strength, so we prioritize the essentials and do not offer an extensive range of cardio equipment or machines.

Membership Options

All memberships offer 24 hour keycard access.

Standard Membership – 24 hour, unlimited access to the facility.

Dual Membership – 24 hour, unlimited access for two adults in the same household.

Partial Membership – 24 hour access for occasional visits, up to 5 per month.

Day/Week Passes

We love visitors! Come by an experience the original strength gym. If you’re coming with an existing member or already have a keyfob, just purchase the day or week pass below and you’re set. Otherwise, please buy the pass at least 12 hours in advance to give us a chance to send you the door code, or text us at (919) 307-5634 to make sure we’re available to send you a door code sooner.
Day Pass – Train for the day.
Week Pass – Train as often as you’d like for a week.


Location and Hours

Spider Strength Gym is an unstaffed 24 hour gym. Please schedule a tour or email spiderstrengthgym@gmail.com for more information.

804 N West St, Lower Unit
Raleigh, NC 27603
Located at the bottom of the steep driveway on the south side of the 804 building.
Most of the parking is on street. Please be respectful and obey city parking signs.


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