2019 North Carolina State Championship

Spider Strength Gym and Morrisville Community Crossfit present the 2019 North Carolina State Strongman and Strongwoman Championship!

This competition will have all the same events as nationals, just at 85-90% of the weight. It’s your perfect opportunity to get ready for nationals and qualify for nationals at the same time!

Additional information and discussion can be found on the Facebook Event Page.

Live scoring is here!

July 27th, 2019

Doors open at 8am. Rules meeting starts at 9am. Competition starts at 9:30am.
Updated schedule will be posted about a week out from the show.

Morrisville Community Crossfit, 2933 S Miami Blvd #126, Durham, NC
The venue is air conditioned.

Seating will be limited, consider bringing a chair.

James Deffinbaugh and Laura Anderson of Spider Strength Gym
Contact us at SpiderStrengthGym@gmail.com

Friday, July 26th 9am – Noon & 3pm – 7pm at Morrisville Community CrossFit
Saturday, July 27th 8:00am-9:00am at Morrisville Community CrossFit

Entry Fee
$75. Entry fee is refundable – just let us know if you can’t make it by July 10th and we’ll refund the entry fee.
Strongman Corp membership also required. New members $75, renewal $40 annually. Sign up or renew here.

Registration Deadline
Register by July 10th to get a shirt.

Registrations not accepted after July 25th.

Divisions Offered
Women’s Novice Under 160
Women’s Novice Over 160
Women’s Open Under 140
Women’s Open Under 180
Women’s Open Heavyweight
Men’s Novice Under 200
Men’s Novice Over 200
Men’s Open Under 175
Men’s Open Under 200
Men’s Open Under 231
Men’s Open Heavyweight

Nationals Invites
Top two competitors from any division with at least 5 competitors get an invite to 2019 Strongman Corporation nationals.
Top competitor from any division with at least 3 competitors get an invite as well.

The top athlete weighing in under 120.4 competing in the Lightweight Women’s class, and top athlete weighing in under 150.4 competing in the Lightweight Men’s class get an invite. Please let us know if you’re planning to weigh in under 120.4 or 150.4 at weigh ins!

There are no master’s classes, but any master’s athletes competing in the open class gets an invite to Master’s Nationals.


Log Clean and Press

60 seconds. Competitor must wait for DOWN command from judge. The log must touch the floor between each rep. Competitor must demonstrate control of the log at all times. No dropping the log from overhead. Chalk only, no tacky, no gloves, Grip shirts are ok.
We will tentatively be using a 10″ Pitbull log for women and a 12″ Pitbull log for men.

Mouser Block / Farmer’s Carry Medley

90 seconds. Competitor will carry a Mouser Block 60’ and place upright on a mat. The block can be standing up on the short or long side, but it cannot be flat on the ground (on the feet, logo facing up or down) and must be entirely on the mat. Competitor will carry the farmer’s implement back 60’ – time will stop when the front of the farmer’s implement crosses the line. Block cannot be rested on belt or shouldered.
Farmer’s implement will be a Rogue style handle.

4″ Deficit Axle Deadlift

60 seconds. Competitor cannot strap in until the time starts. There will be up and down commands. No deadlift suits.
Using Rogue or Titan Axles. Platform will tentatively be 3 feet wide.

Yoke Conan’s Carry

60’ for time, no drops. Yoke will be carried Conan/Zercher style. Time stops when the front of the yoke crosses. Competitor will get a distance if the course is not completed.
Using Rogue yokes.

Stone to Shoulder

60 seconds. Competitor must lift stone from ground, hold on shoulder (with 2nd hand off of stone) and wait for down command. Stone cannot be dropped from shoulder and must be controlled. Spray tacky is allowed – traditional tacky is not.
Concrete stones will be used.

Weight Matrix

Weights subject to change, especially if Nationals weights change and as we find out type of dumbbell and frame at Nationals.
The Log, Deadlift, and Stone to Shoulder have a second weight option. If you don’t get the first weight, you can try the second. Getting any reps on the first option is worth more than any number of reps on the second. Some of the weights were pretty crazy, this is to make it more accessible to strength athletes of all levels.


Log C&P
for Reps

Block / Farmer’s
Carry Medley

4” Deficit Axle

Yoke Conan’s
Carry 60’

Stone to

LW Novice Women


120lbs / 125lbs




HW Novice Women


140lbs / 145lbs




LW Open Women


140lbs / 145lbs




MW Open Women


170lbs / 175lbs




HW Open Women


190lbs / 195lbs










Novice Men195lbs
190lbs / 205lbs355lbs

MW <200 Open Men


240lbs / 235lbs




MW <231 Open Men


290lbs / 275lbs




HW Open Men


320lbs / 305lbs




Competitor List 

LW Novice Women <160.4
Alisha Schiltz
Amanda Ellis
Victoria Albrecht
Nicole Strickland

HW Novice Women 
Megan Prato
Sarah Arredondo

LW Open Women <140.4
Jessica Helms
Kirsten Ostby
Carrie Althoff

MW Open Women <180.4
Kristen Bonitto
Jess Rossway
Erin Walklet

HW Open Women
Laurie Middleswarth
Casey Garland
Haley Randall

Novice Men
Jacob Schwartz
Eddy Cabrera

MW Open Men <200.4
David Mickus
Ben Forrest
Paul Rogers

MW Open Men <231.4
Scott Compton
Dane Hall
Lynn Morehouse

HW Open Men
Tom Mutaffis
Nolan Toti
Chris Jackson