2022 Lift Me I’m Irish


March 19th, 2022
Doors open at 8am. All novice classes will compete in the AM session. Everyone else will compete in the PM session.

More details will be posted in the coming months!


Raleigh City Plaza*
400 Fayetteville St
Raleigh, NC 27601

*Pending city approval


James Deffinbaugh and Spider Strength Gym
Contact us at SpiderStrengthGym@gmail.com

Entry Fee

$90. Entry fee is refundable – just let us know (by emailing spiderstrengthgym@gmail.com) if you can’t make it by February 1st and we’ll refund the entry fee.
Strongman Corp membership also required. New members $77, renewal $42 annually. Sign up or renew here.

All entries received by December 1st are $25 off.

First 3 competitors in each division are an additional $20 off. So during the early bird, the first 3 competitors in each division are just $45.

Registration Deadline

Deadline to enter and be guaranteed a shirt is February 15th.
Entry fee refundable if you drop out by February 1st.

Divisions Offered

Women’s Novice Under 160
Women’s Novice Over 160
Women’s Open Under 125
Women’s Open Under 140
Women’s Open Under 160
Women’s Open Under 180
Women’s Open Heavyweight
Women’s Masters (40 or over)
Men’s Novice Under 200
Men’s Novice Over 200
Men’s Open Under 175
Men’s Open Under 200
Men’s Open Under 231
Men’s Open Under 265
Men’s Open Heavyweight
Men’s Masters (40 or over)

Nationals Invites

Top two competitors from any open division with at least 6 competitors get an invite to the 2022 Strongman Corporation National Championship.
Top competitor from any open division with at least 2 competitors get an invite as well.
Top three competitors from the masters divisions will get an invite to the 2022 Strongman Corporation Masters National Championship.

Athlete Caps

No athlete caps! The more competitors we get, the more lanes we’ll have!


Event order will be put out after all 5 events are announced. These are not in the order of events at the competition.

Axle Deadlift Ladder

Video demonstration

Competitor will deadlift three axles of ascending weight.
Competitor starts behind a line. On go, the competitors deadlifts the first axle.
After the “good” command, the competitor moves on to the second axle.
The last axle will be deadlifted for reps. There are also up commands after the first rep on the final axle. No touch and go reps, no bouncing.

Equipment will be custom bare-steel axles and Rogue 26’er bumper plates.

Pick height is 13″ to the center of the bar.

60 second time limit. No split times. Your score will be total reps completed.

Equipment allowed:
Chalk, sleeves, belts, gloves, straps, and briefs

Equipment not allowed:
Deadlift suits or anything sticky.

Weight Chart:

Viking Press

Competitors will press the Viking Press implement for as many reps as possible in 60 seconds. There will be two pairs of handles corresponding to a heavier weight and a lighter weight. One rep at the heavier weights beats any number of reps at the lighter weight. Your score will be the number of reps at whichever weight you successfully press. That is, if you get one rep at the heavier weight, there is no advantage (no points gained) to doing reps at the lighter weight in addition. If you attempt the heavier weight and don’t get it, you may try the lighter weight as well. The clock doesn’t stop though – you still have 60 seconds to get the reps including the time attempting the heavier weight.

Competitor starts behind a line. On go, the competitor steps up to the implement and presses away for as many reps as possible. Competitor may try the heavier weight first, but if they fail it will cut into their time for the lighter weight. 

Jerks, push presses, thrusters, and strict press are all allowed. There are no rules against double knee bend. No penalty for setting the viking press down.

Handles will be neutral grip, 24 inches apart (on center). The pick height will be set per weight class. Expect a lower pick to accommodate all athletes. 

We’ll either use a metal apparatus attached to the yoke or big tree trunks if it works out. 

Equipment allowed:
Chalk, Sleeves, Wraps, Belts, Gloves, Briefs

Equipment Not Allowed:
Elbow wraps, anything sticky.

Weights TBA

Farmer’s Medley

Video demonstration

Competitor will carry three farmer’s implements of ascending weight 40′ each.

Competitor starts with their hands on the first farmer’s implement.
On go, the competitor picks and carries it 40′. The competitor then drops it and picks up the next one and carries it back 40′. Finally, competitor picks up the final farmer’s and carries it 40′ back.

The front of the implement must cross the line on each run.
Unlimited drops allowed.

Equipment will be custom top-loaded farmer’s implements with a 16″ pick height (measured to bottom of the handle) and 1.25″ diameter handles.

60 second time limit. Your score will be total distance completed or time to finish the course. No split times.

Equipment allowed:
Chalk, sleeves, belts, and briefs

Equipment not allowed:
Gloves, straps, and anything sticky.

Weight Chart:
All weights are listed in pounds, per hand.

Sandbag Battle

Video demonstration

This is a last person standing, max sandbag over bar done in battle format.

All competitors in the weight class start in a line, in reverse order of standings.
On the judge’s “go” command, the first competitor loads the first sandbag over the bar.
The next competitor loads the bag back over the bar, and so on.
Each successive competitor has 30 seconds from the time the bag hits the ground to complete the load. If they fail to load it over in 30 seconds, the next competitor steps up and has 30 seconds from when the judge says “go”.

After everyone has been through the first bag, a volunteer will put out the next heavier bag, and the process repeats until no more than one competitor is left.

All competitors must attempt every bag – no skipping bags.
When you fail, you’re out and your score is the heaviest bag you successfully loaded.

So, as more competitors drop off, time between loads will shorten, bringing in a conditioning element as well.

Bar height: 48″ for all classes.

Equipment Allowed
Sleeves, Wraps, Belts, Gloves, Chalk, Briefs, Grip Shirts

Equipment Not Allowed: Anything sticky

Weight jumps and bag dimensions TBD.

The remaining events are to be announced! Watch our Facebook Event Page and Instagram page for updates!

Competitor List

Last updated 12/01/2021 at 6PM

Women’s Masters (40+)
Missie Gibson
Heather Burgin
Lindsay Thompson
Kristin McCarthy

Women’s Novice Lightweight (160.4 and under)
Nicole Strickland
Amanda Chelchowski
Karen Brinkley
Sydney Clark
Melisa Luna Carlton

Women’s Novice Heavyweight (160.5lbs and up)
Emilia Pierce
Tatjana Stokes
Stephanie Gaffney
Megan Mallard

Women’s Open <125
Jessica Reece

Women’s Open <140
Svetlana Bostelman
Melanie Taylor
Allie Echeverria
Karen Santamaria
Tori Rossway

Women’s Open <160
Sanda Heger
Rebecca Angles
Jessica Noelle Rossway

Women’s Open <180
Beth White
Jasmine Jenkins
Lisa Corrow

Women’s Open 181+
Kelly Benson
Jesi Niebuhr
Racheal Paveglio
Sydney DeDominicis
Laurie Middleswarth

Men’s Masters (40+)
Josh Motta
Christopher Mount
Andrew Snell
Kevin Ryan
Anthony Marabella

Men’s Novice Lightweight (200.4 and under)
David Pardue
Jeff Duncan
Dustin Caldwell
Sean Harrison
Christopher Smith

Men’s Novice Heavyweight (200.5 and up)
Theodore Groelle
Kristopher Pierce
Patrick Sullivan
Tim Hopper
Bear Dietz
Bristol May
Aaron Boulay
Jonathon King
John Everhart
Cody Walton

Men’s Open <175
Matt Spear
Greg Schiltz
Ian Draughon
Darby Houghton
Nathan Jones
David Mickus

Men’s Open <200
Cory Hock
John Gallimore
Anthony Smith
Mitchell Stanley
Brad Munda
Sean Maunz
Taylor Rodely
Jake Reece
Richard W Laureano Jr

Men’s Open <231
Eric Wilberg
Dane Hall
Will Jones
Tom Greene
Joshua Pinkerton
Brandon Myers
Gary Mizner
Scott Dalrymple
Conner Hermenau
Kemal Carmon
Joshua Dobyns
Philip Brinkman
Isaac Smith
Andrew Jerome

Men’s Open <265
Evan Krening
Ryan Smith
Kevin Baker
Patrick Hunter
Casey Shoe
Greg Mayer
Joseph McGugan

Men’s Open 266+
Sam Nicholls
Ryan Friddle
Joshua Colon
Dominick DeDominicis
Tim Buck