2022 Lift Me I’m Irish Competitor Info

Weigh-Ins / Check-Ins

Friday weigh-ins are at the Alumni Room at the Marriott City Center, 500 Fayetteville St. It’s the last conference room on the left when you follow the signs to the conference rooms. There is pay street parking in front of the hotel. Heavyweights don’t need to weigh-in, but they still need to check in.

Please make sure your Strongman Corp membership is current before weigh-ins.
Consider taking a screenshot of the digital membership card so it’s quick to bring up if we need it.

Saturday weigh-ins will be at the scoring table on City Plaza. If you plan to weigh-in or check-in on Saturday, please email us at spiderstrengthgym@gmail.com so we know you’re coming. If you expect to change classes, please let us know ahead of time as well.

Weigh-ins are not private – no nudity allowed.

Weight limit (including clothing allowance):

  • Women’s Novice Under 160 – 160.8
  • Women’s Open Under 125 – 125.8
  • Women’s Open Under 140 – 140.8
  • Women’s Open Under 160 – 160.8
  • Women’s Open Under 180 – 180.8
  • Men’s Novice Under 200 – 200.8
  • Men’s Open Under 175 – 175.8
  • Men’s Open Under 200 – 200.8
  • Men’s Open Under 231 – 231.8
  • Men’s Open Under 265 – 265.8

Weigh-In / Check-In Schedule

Friday, March 18th at Marriott City Plaza, Conference Room TBA

  • 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM
  • 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
  • 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
  • 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Last Minute Weigh Ins
Saturday March 19th at the scoring table. 

  • 8:00 AM – 8:30 AM
  • 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM (Open/Masters Class Only)


On-street parking is free on weekends in downtown Raleigh. Otherwise there are several lots and ramps within a block of the venue. 
The closest parking ramp is the McLaurin Parking lot. The ramps are usually $10-$15 on weekends, and the gravel lots are usually $5 on weekends.
There is a map of spots here:
Fayetteville Road will be closed between Lenoir St and Davie St, The best bet is probably the surface lots on S Wilmington St (100 E Cabarrus St or 513 S Wilmington St).

Competition Schedule

Our timeline is very tight, so please be ready to go when your group gets called.

We won’t have warm-ups in the competition area to try to make it more spectator friendly, and also due to time constraints. We’ll have some warm up stuff in the competitor area. Please don’t drop anything directly on the cobblestone, we don’t want to break it. We won’t have a viking press in the warmup area, so expect to warm up with an axle.

This schedule is very optimistic, but we’ll try our best to keep it going fast.

Competition Schedule – Novice

Rules Meeting – Novice
8:45 AM

Farmer’s Medley 
9:00 AM

Axle Deadlift Ladder
9:30 AM

Sandbag Race
10:00 AM

Viking Press
10:30 AM

Sandbag Battle
11:10 AM

11:40 AM

Competition Schedule – Open/Masters

Rules Meeting – Open/Masters
11:50 AM

Farmers Medley
12:00 PM

Axle Deadlift Ladder
1:00 PM

Sandbag Race
2:00 PM

Viking Press
3:00 PM

Sandbag Battle
4:00 PM

5:00 PM

Competition Layout

Layout is below. The “Competitor Area” is for warmups, you can also put tents up on the sides (but do not stake them down). Please consider sitting in the seating area to cheer on the other competitors, and stop by the vendor tables as well! Support those that support strongman!
Also, do not dump ice/water/beverages into the planters on the plaza.